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There are two main things to consider when purchasing new carpet, how much foot traffic you will have and how much staining you will get.

For high traffic areas you need carpet with wear resistance. For areas with dirt and staining problems you need carpet with stain resistant fibers

                      CARPET WEIGHT AND DENSITY

Weight is a measure of how much fiber is above the backing. Density is how tight the fibers are packed together in the carpet. The greater the weight and density the higher quality and wear resistance the carpet will be


(1) Nylon - Is the strongest

(2) Polyester - It has the best color quality

(3) Olefin - It has superior stain resistance

(4) Wool - It has premium natural fiber with a

      luxurious finish

There are two main carpet styles cut pile and

 looped pile.

 Saxony - evenly cut pile

 Plush - smooth even surface

 Textured plush - cut pile with long crimped yarn

 uneven surface resists crushing hides vacuum

 marks very well

 Frieze - cut pile carpet with tightly twisted

                                         yarns hides foot prints

                                         Level loop - tight even loops of yarn for a smooth

                                         surface superior resistance on wear and crushing

                                         Berber - loop pile carpet with longer loops

                                         of different heights

                                         Sculptured - combination of loops and cut yarns to

                                         create a variety of patterns and designs


Padding is very important carpet is as good as its padding beneath it. Do not cut corners on padding just because it is not seen. Padding affects how well the carpet wears and it insulates your home from cold weather and sound